Job opportunity

We are in the transportation industry and are growing due to the increased law enforcement changes regarding impaired driving, this growing need for drivers to assist impaired clients to safely and legally travel from point to point is in high demand.


Designated Driver

Job Summary

We work in teams of two and drive people home in the comfort of there own vehicle when they are inpaired or unable to drive themselves.

Required Education, Skills and Qualifications


-Valid ontario drivers license
-Reliable working vehicle
-G license must have 5 years driving record to drivce customers cars.
-G2 license CAN NOT drive customers vehicles, however can be the chase vehicle.
-Good verbal and written communication.
-Communicate with customers via phone.
-Interpersonal skills.
-Safely and cautiously driving customers car.
-Ability to operate cell phones.
-Following a vehicle clossly and saftly.
-Completing simple math.
-Handling cash and operating a debit/credit crad App.
-Using Map/GPS features to locate customers.
-Documenting and recording ride details.
-Ability to communicate through text messaging.

Company Profile

URDD Service has 30 drivers who currently service Durham and the GTA.

All driver candidates are interviewed and assesses with an important question in mind:
"Would I trust this person behind the wheel of my own personal vehicle?" If the answer is "no," then we aren't placing them behind the wheel of yours.

Job Type

Contract Salary Averages: $20.00 /hour or $150 to $200 a shift


-G license must have 5 years driving record to drivce customers cars.
-G2 license CAN NOT drive customers vehicles, however can be the chase vehicle.
-customer service: 1 year (Preferred)

Call Center Dispatcher Part Time

Job Summary

We are a Designated driving service, we handle over a 100 calls within a four hour period and up to 300/500 calls a night over the holliday season. We are looking for individuals that can handle this not stop pace.

Your typical day at work:

As an Inbound Dispatcher for a transportation company, you will be receiving calls from loyal customers who are looking for pickups, inqiring where there driver is and looking for quotes. In addition, you will have to take your time and have customer repeet there request do to them being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

-The goal is to keep the customer well informed and happy with the company!
-Strive to understand the customer's situation and recognize the customer's needs.
-Maintain a high level of patience well under pressure.
-Provide quality service that will exceed customer expectations.
-Maintain a high level of confidentiality.
-Accurately document customer interactions.
-Dispatch the customer information to the Drivers based on location and speed of the driver.
-Process credit card deposites and E-transfers

You own this if you have:

-Experience in a call centre environment
-Excellent listening, verbal, and written communication skills
-Can find pickup adress and text drivers
-Love working the night shift

Job Type

Contract Salary Averages:
$15.00 /hour paid cash at end of shift


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